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Happy Summer!

We welcome you to June issue of IEEE Newsletter, Toronto Section.

In this issue, enjoy reading article Artificial Intelligence vs Computational Intelligence

You will also come to know about recent applied research projects, please visit Research Direction page.

Meet Bruno Di Stefano in our IEEE Supporters section. Enjoy and appreciate his contributions to IEEE.

Editor's Note

Although this year has been hard on all of us, we can appreciate we made through it safe and sound. At the same time, our heart goes out for the ones who lost their loved ones during the pandemic. While we are still not done yet, we would like to wish a Happy New Year. We are sending this message hoping that the next year is better than 2020, and our lives get back to normalcy.

May the celebrations of the new year fill in your hearts with high spirits. With unshaken determination, we are all set to embrace the new year with courage, hope, dreams, and faith. Stay safe, and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Happy 2021!


Artificial Intelligence vs Computational Intelligence

One can hardly scan through newspapers and magazines without finding the term “Artificial Intelligence” (AI). For instance, The Economist, a very respected and reliable magazine focused on world events, politics and business, but also on science and technology, has published plenty of in depth articles …

Student Research: Capstone Projects Showcase-Sheridan College

Each year, over 35 student teams work together to design, build and showcase their projects that include advanced technologies such as Additive Manufacturing, Energy, Robotics, Automation, the Internet of Things and Advanced Electrical Devices. The Capstone projects provides the students with Hands-on learning transferable from …

IEEE Supporter

Meet Our Distinguished IEEE Supporters – Bruno Di Stefano

Bruno Di Stefano is a Professional Engineer (PEO), Life Senior Member of IEEE, Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada, Fellow of Engineers Canada, with more than 45 years of professional experience. He practiced in electronics, computer, and software engineering, in product development and management …

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