Student Research: Capstone Projects Showcase-Sheridan College

Dr. Ameera Al-Karkhi

Each year, over 35 student teams work together to design, build and showcase their projects that include advanced technologies such as Additive Manufacturing, Energy, Robotics, Automation, the Internet of Things and Advanced Electrical Devices. The Capstone projects provides the students with Hands-on learning transferable from the classroom, lab or workshop to the workplace. In order to prepare them to respond to the rapidly evolving field of Information and Communication Technology. They experience hands-on learning in critical topics like information systems security, Robotics and automation, engineering design, mobile and wireless technology, web development, computer programming, software engineering, interactive media management, database development and internet communications technology.

For each field, Sheridan college School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology (MEET), nominated three winners from each field, for example, the winners from the last capstone showcase in the Electrical and Computer Engineering, the students designed and implemented a stand-alone smart wearable device (Guide me watch) to help those dealing with memory related issues in addition to a mobile application. The idea was originated from the lack of products specifically for Alzheimer patients. There are products that are useful such as GPS trackers, Fitbits, etc. Therefore, creating one product with all the tools is the conclusion that the students came to, and the best form factor would be a watch because having it wearable ensure users will not forget and leave it somewhere. The final product is a Smart watch that can track user’s location, heartrate, and time. It could send GPS and heartrate data over the air to a smartphone. Write and read data from user input. Able to send and receive messages from a smartphone over the air. Touchscreen capability to interface with watch’s functions.

Another project in which the students proposed and implemented the next evolution in alarm intrusion detection systems. They designed and developed an alarm system that would be effective in rural areas and large pieces of real estate such as the ones found in Northern Ontario, or outside of Canada, such as many rural parts of USA. Examining the traditional alarm systems out on the market right now, they are mostly made to perform in real estate that monitor just the house, and any small backyard/front yards. These systems cannot perform as effectively in large pieces of land that are typically found in farmhouses or other rural properties, mainly due to the constraints of various parts and equipment needed to have a single home security system functioning. The proposed system, known as the Raptors Alarm Intrusion Detection System (R.A.I.D.S) was tailormade to take advantage of such areas, accounting for the vast open space, differing weather conditions, and state of the art technology. The system consists of two main components: static components, and the drone dispatch system. The static components are top-tier quality CCTV cameras, motion sensing spotlights, and triggers that is placed around the internals, and perimeters of the property. The drone dispatch consists of a security drone, that will be constantly active to keep alert for any incoming danger entering the property, equipped with intercom systems and cameras of its own to record the activity and have emergency services ready to call at a moment’s notice. All components of the system will be programmable according to the user and will be constantly connected via internet 24/7. All of these components combined make for an alarm system that can truly keep a home in rural areas secured more than any system out there.

The mentioned projects are implemented as part of their final year capstone projects in the fall under the capstone projects category. Sheridan college is proud of all Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology Capstone projects students for their accomplishment, hard work and dedication to develop innovative solutions for their industrial problems. They strive to become one of the foremost engineering and applied science centers in Canada through high-quality and innovative programs, value-added research, excellence in education, and exceptional students and graduates who are prepared to be productive professionals and leaders of tomorrow.