Setting up Rural, Semi-Urban & Urban Microgrid pilots in India under a joint Indo-US project

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, Virtual:

Microgrids integrating RES and ESS are increasingly being deployed across the world. Isolated and grid connected microgrids require control and protection systems to ensure optimal power sharing, storage management, maintaining required power quality, stability, resiliency and reliability of supply. The main focus of an ongoing Indo-US joint project ‘UI-ASSIST’, involving

RFID technology with the Raspberry Pi


The workshop host will present an introduction to RFID technology as well as demonstrate the learned concepts through some projects created with the Raspberry Pi. Over the course of this workshop, the host will aim to cover: • The meaning of radio-frequency identification and how the system works • The

A Holistic Vision of Sustainable Smart Cities

Room: 4th Floor- BA 4164, Bldg: Bahen Centre for Information Technology, University of Toronto, 40 St George St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, ON M5S2E4

Join the IEEE Toronto ComSoc Chapter for this in-person talk by Dr. Lina Bariah, from the Technology Innovation Institute, on "A Holistic Vision of Sustainable Smart Cities" ! Since the evolution of the smart city concept, the way we are living our everyday life has been revolving toward integrating intelligence

Towards Wireless Networking, Sensing, and Security in the Sub-Terahertz Regime: Design and Experiments


The spectrum above 100 GHz offers plentiful bandwidth for ultra-high-speed communication and high-resolution sensing, thereby providing a promising foundation for realizing unprecedented capabilities in next-generation wireless networks. In this talk, I will begin by presenting emerging transceiver architecture that can enable directional sub-THz steering without traditional multi-antenna arrays. I will

How to Leverage Machine Learning Tools in Model Predictive Control Schemes


Join the IEEE Toronto Instrumentation & Measurement – Robotics & Automation Joint Chapter for a talk on Application of Machine Learning in Model Predictive Control, presented by Dr. Meaghan Charest-Finn. Tuesday, August 16, 2022 @ 4:00 – 5:00 PM Abstract: Model Predictive Control (MPC) algorithms provide a convenient entry point

Cloud Security – Find out if you are being attacked before its too late.


Join IEEE Toronto Young Professionals Affinity Group to discuss best cloud security practices and approaches. Co-sponsored by: Vancouver Section Affinity Group,YP Speaker(s): Farshad Abasi, Agenda: Topics that will be covered are: AWS Security Hub GuardDuty Inspector Config CloudTrail IoT Device Defender Virtual:

A meet and greet with a Software Developer !


Intended for the students of SEMET at Seneca College in Toronto, ON. Serves as a chance for students to talk to a graduate of the college on this possible career path. Speaker(s): Gabriel Chan, Virtual:

VDL: Reliable and Scalable Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Protocol Design for Intelligent Transportation


Reliable and scalable wireless transmissions for Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) are technically challenging. Each vehicle, from driver-assisted to automated one, will generate a flood of information, up to thousands of times of that by a person. Vehicle density may change drastically over time and location. Emergency messages and real-time cooperative control messages

Coffee Chat With A Software Eningeer


If are you an inspiring engineer, come join our coffee chat as it's an excellent opportunity for all aspiring engineers to have a glimpse of their bright future while providing them with industry knowledge from a current software engineer. Speaker(s): Gabriel Chan, Virtual:

LMAG Chair Teleconference Agenda 2022-Sep-19 4:00 PM (EST)

Oakville, Ontario, Canada, L6H 2B1, Virtual:

R7 LMAG MONTHLY MEETING Oakville, Ontario, Canada, L6H 2B1, Virtual:

VDL talk on “AI Based Zero Energy Communication in 6G”


Austin ComSoc/SP/CtSoc and Computer/EMBS joint chapters would like to invite you to attend a special VDL talk on "AI Based Zero Energy Communication in 6G” Speaker: Prof. Sinem Coleri, Koc University (Turkey) Abstract —————- Supporting low- or zero-energy machine type devices through the incorporation of energy harvesting technologies in 6G

Cybersecurity skills gap and opportunities


Becoming a security expert and staying up to date has never been harder. Threats are continuously evolving, the attack surfaces are expanding and stakeholders are demanding more transparency. This presentation will uncover what is needed to become a sophisticated security professional and how to adapt to the changing role. Newcomers