Basic OrCad Workshop


IEEE Seneca is offering a basic OrCad Workshop. We will be reinforcing ETY155 concepts and learn about following topics: - Simple resistor circuits - Voltage divider - Current divider concepts - Parallel circuits vs series circuits To amplify the experience, please have OrCad installed or use virual commons by Seneca

Fundamentals of Probability in Python


In this workshop, we first provide a brief review of probability theory making sure that attendees understand probability models and applications. Later in this workshop, we will discuss basic probability models and their implementation in python, how to deal with various aspects of conditional probability like total probability theorem, conditional

Applications of Probability in Python


This workshop will cover an example project on Bayes Classifier, multiple random variables, and estimation. We will learn the implementation of multivariate Gaussian distribution, classification and regression problems in Python. Later we will see that how to define parametric distribution in python and will further explore estimation concepts like maximum

Building and Leveraging Your Professional Network Using LinkedIn


Not sure how to market yourself effectively online using LinkedIn? Unclear about how to establish and maintain professional contacts? In this webinar, you will learn how to raise your profile and leverage the power of your personal network to advance your career goals. Register at: Virtual:

IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Distinguished Lecture – Prof. Levent Sevgi

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S3G4, Virtual:

EM diffraction is critical in many applications including antennas and propagation. Understanding and visualizing EM wave – object interaction is crucial in designing new antenna systems, in predicting path losses through complex propagation paths, etc. In order to do that wave pieces such as diffracted waves, Fringe waves, etc., should

Writing Attention-Grabbing Resumes & Cover Letters


Unclear about how to tailor a resume to industry jobs? Want to learn how to describe your accomplishments in an impactful manner? In this webinar, you will learn how to gain the attention of hiring managers with well-written resumes and cover letters! Virtual: