Newsletter Team

Omar Al Noori

MSc. Omar Al Noori is a digital marketing strategist.  He is responsible for the digital face of the IEEE newsletter,  Toronto section, and oversees development and maintenance of the newsletter website. He has over 25 years of experience in digital marketing, product, and business development. Omar …

Dr. Ameera Al-Karkhi

Dr Ameera Al karkhi
Dr. Ameera Al-Karkhi
Newsletter Coordinator | IEEE Toronto Section
Dr. Ameera Al-Karkhi is working as a Professor at Sheridan College. She holds PhD in Computing, Science and Engineering Department from University of Salford, UK. She has worked as Postdoctoral Fellow at Toronto Metropoltain University …

Fatima Hussain

Dr. Fatima Hussain
Newsletter Editor | IEEE Toronto Section
Dr. Fatima Hussain is managing the “Behaviour Analytics and Insider Threat” team, in Global Cyber Security, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Toronto, Canada. She is responsible for employee risk profiling and detection of insider threats, by establishing baseline …