Dr. Fatima Hussain

Newsletter Editor | IEEE Toronto Section
Dr. Fatima Hussain is managing the “Behaviour Analytics and Insider Threat” team, in Global Cyber Security, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Toronto, Canada. She is responsible for employee risk profiling and detection of insider threats, by establishing baseline behaviors. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto and her role includes the supervision of graduate research projects. Dr Hussain’s background includes a number of distinguished professorships at Toronto Metropolitan University and University of Guelph where she has been awarded for her research, teaching and course development accomplishments within Wireless Telecommunication and Internet of Things. Her research interests include Insider Threat Detection, API Security, Cyber Security and Machine Learning. Dr Hussain is  Editor of IEEE Newsletter (Toronto section), Associate Editor for IEEE Canada Newsletter, IEEE Communication Surveys and Tutorials (COMST )and various prestigious IEEE journals.  She is senior IEEE member and a prolific author with various conference and journal publications to her credit.  Dr. Hussain received her PhD and MASc degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto. Upon graduation she joined the Network-Centric Applied Research Team (N-CART) as a postdoctoral fellow where she worked on various NSERC-funded projects in the realm of the Internet of Things.