Dr. Arash Jenab is a dynamic professional with diverse expertise, accumulating over a decade of experience in academic and industrial project execution and management. His educational journey highlights his emphasis on leadership and executive skills. During his Ph.D., he delved into material science, mechanical engineering, and computational analysis. His MSc specialized in metal forming at Sharif University of Technology, while his BSc in industrial metallurgy covered various materials science and engineering concepts.

Dr. Jenab has earned prestigious awards, including recognition from the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), AUTO21 Inc, and the Distinctive Scientific and Ethical Student award, showcasing his assertive and proactive work style. With a keen eye for detail, Dr. Jenab actively contributes to reputable international journals, displaying his resourceful nature in collaborations with academic partners and their final reports.

As a licensed Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Dr. Jenab’s innovative mindset contributes actively to professional organizations, in line with his proactive approach. In his active lifestyle, Dr. Jenab’s enthusiasm for learning, yoga, swimming, and skiing is complemented by his commitment to teaching and societal contributions. Additionally, he finds programming to be a fun and engaging activity, reflecting his versatile interests.

Dr. Jenab’s journey showcases his technical expertise, assertive leadership, and proactive executive skills, making a notable impact in professional, academic, and research realms. His versatility is evident as he contributes across disciplines with a unique mix of technical skills and innovations.

Current Position

Industrial Applications Chapter Chair