The 2014 – 2015 IEEE Toronto Section Executive
The operation of the IEEE Toronto Section is managed by the Section Executive committee, whose members are elected or appointed every two years. The officers are elected by the membership of the Section – the remainder are appointed by the Section chair. Each of the chairs of the Section Committees, the Affinity Group Committees, and the Technical Society Chapter Committees appoint members to their committees. The significant procedures relating to Section operations are detailed in the bylaws. We are always looking for IEEE members to assist in these volunteer activities. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Section or Committee volunteer, please contact the Section or Committee Chair whose email address is provided below. Click on any surname to send that person an email message. Biography links are provided where the individual has provided the information.

Chair Emanuel Istratebiography
Vice Chair Karl Martinbiography
Treasurer Naresh Kuradabiography
Secretary Olivier Trescases
Committee Chairs
Audit Pelle Westlindbiography
Conferences/Conventions Olivier Trescases
Education Dennis Woobiography
History Bruno Di Stefanobiography
Industry Relations Ankur Shahbiography
Membership Development vacant
Nominations Xavier Fernandobiography
Publications Naresh Kuradabiography
Public Relations vacant
Student Activities Andy Yebiography

Affinity Group Committee Chairs
Consultants Network Charles Edebiri
GOLD Mario Milicevicbiography
Life Members Pelle Westlindbiography
Women in Engineering Talieh Tabatabaeibiography

Technical Society Chapter Committee Chairs
Aerospace & Electronic Systems Hassan Kojoribiography
Circuits & Devices Arash Joushaghani
Communications Xavier Fernandobiography
Computer Isaac Woungangbiography
Dielectrics & Electrical Insulation Ali Naderianbiography
Electromagnetics & Radiation George Eleftheriadesbiography
Engineering and Human Environment Rabiz Foda
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Benjamin Makbiography
Industry Applications Ali Nabavi , biography
Instrumentation & Measurement Maryam Davoudpour
Magnetics Alireza Sadeghianbiography
Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Hossam A. Gabbarbiography
Power & Energy Bala Venkateshbiography
Signal Processing Sridhar Krishnanbiography
Signals & Computational Intelligence Bruno Di Stefanobiography
Solid State Circuits Dustin Dunwellbiography
Systems Alexei Botchkarev (Alex Bot), biography
Additional Members of the Executive Committee
IEEE Canada Past President Robert (Bob) Hannabiography
Past Section Chair Xavier Fernandobiography
Member at Large Wallas Khellabiography
Member at Large Patrick Finnigan
IEEE Canadian Foundation Liaison Bob Aldenbiography
Newsletter Editor Muthanna Al-Khishalibiography
Webmaster Dan Litovitz
Back-up Webmaster Ray Phanbiography
Social Media Chair Vacant
former executive committee members