Latest Past Events

Communications and Networking in LEO Mega-Constellations

Room: 358, Bldg: Podium (POD) , Toronto Metropolitan University, 350 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The emerging low Earth orbit (LEO) mega-constellation networks, planned to be composed of thousands of satellites, have the potential to connect all through their global footprint and bridge the long-existing digital divide. This talk will focus on the communications and networking aspects of these mega-constellations and their integration with the

Towards 6G-enabled Vehicle-to-Everything: Extreme Connectivity and Intelligence

Room: 358, Bldg: Podium Building (POD), Toronto Metropolitan University , 350 Victoria St. , Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) has developed rapidly over the past decades. In the imminent era of 6G communications, unprecedented advancements will reshape our technological landscape and redefine the boundaries of the digital experience. While the specific details of 6G-enabled V2X networks are still under exploration, there is a consensus that it will

Exploring Molecular Assembly at Surfaces

Room: OI 8170, Bldg: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), 252 Bloor St W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 1V6

The adsorption and self–assembly of organic molecules at surfaces has recently been investigated extensively, both because of the fundamental interest and for prospective applications in nanoelectronics and organic electronics. It is now well established that molecule–molecule and molecule–substrate interactions can be tuned by appropriate choice of substrate material and symmetry.