IEEE Toronto Section Officers Meeting

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Virtual:

Monthly officers meeting. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Virtual:

Sustainable Service Pricing in Cloud Ecosystems

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Virtual:

Energy efficiency, which has emerged as a top priority in cloud ecosystems, is the outcome of appropriate pricing mechanisms and resource allocations. Static pricing mechanisms are the most dominant approach among all the others. They are simple to implement for the service providers and easy to understand for the service users. Inaccurate price calculation and low efficient resource allocation in […]

Flexible Radio Access Beyond 5G: A Future Projection

Atlanta, Georgia, United States, Virtual:

Dr Arslan has graciously offered to continue the discussion on 5G technologies. The topic is Flexible Radio Access Beyond 5G: A Future Projection. Abstract: Today's wireless services and systems have come a long way since the rollout of the conventional voice-centric cellular systems. The demand for wireless access in voice and multi-media applications has increased tremendously. The trend on the […]

Integrated Access and Backhaul for 5G and Beyond

Virtual - Zoom

Note: Virtual platform will be delivered to registrants a couple of hours before starting the event. Contact: IEEE Montreal Section Young Professionals Abstract: The number of devices requesting for wireless communications is growing exponentially. Network densification via the deployment of many base stations (BSs) of different types is one of the mechanisms that can be employed to satisfy the ever-increasing […]

Basics of Programming in Python


Workshop Description: In the workshop, first the attendees will revisit the basic concepts of Python programming related to (1) writing and executing Python scripts to perform basic tasks, (2) entering and executing basic Python commands in a Jupyter Notebook, and (3) creating objects, data types such as strings, integers, Booleans, variables, lists, loops, coordinate system, if-statements, inequalities, etc. Later, this […]

Fundamentals of Probability in Python


In this workshop, we first provide a brief review of probability theory making sure that attendees understand probability models and applications. Later in this workshop, we will discuss basic probability models and their implementation in python, how to deal with various aspects of conditional probability like total probability theorem, conditional independence, Bayes Rule, etc. Then, we will discuss the implementation […]

Applications of Probability in Python


This workshop will cover an example project on Bayes Classifier, multiple random variables, and estimation. We will learn the implementation of multivariate Gaussian distribution, classification and regression problems in Python. Later we will see that how to define parametric distribution in python and will further explore estimation concepts like maximum likelihood ratio, maximum posteriori classification, loglikelihood and logistic regression. Speaker(s): […]