Consultants Network


Parinaz Naseri

Vice Chair:

Babak Khodaparast


The Consultant Network affinity group is bound by IEEE Governance, and members are bound by the Code of Ethics set out by the IEEE.


The Consultants Network is a part of the Toronto Section of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) that provides a forum dedicated to continuous engagement to advance innovations in various fields of consulting engineering and technology.


The Consultant Network, through regular meetings, seminars and workshops will aim to address the following items:

1. Serve as a common networking platform for Engineering Professionals.
2. Attract Engineering Professionals to discuss needs in both business and technical forums (Birds of a Feather Sessions – members with similar interests).
3. Evaluate and improve existing consulting practices.
4. Foster and guide consultants on how to start their own business ventures.
5. Increase understanding of current and future consultant trends and how to bridge the needs of tomorrow’s consultants today.
6. Provide education and develop a resource center to facilitate the work of engineering consultants with emerging technologies.
7. Advocate for businesses to embrace digital transformation through technical consulting.
8. Promote and increase IEEE’s membership of Consultants Network affinity group.

These professional meetings provide opportunities for both IEEE members, and other participants to network, share professional & educational opportunities, and to develop new relationships.

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