Research Articles

Green Computing and Environment

Information technology (IT) oversees consuming up to 10% of the world’s electricity generation, adding to CO2 emissions and high energy costs. As a result, energy-efficiency is considered as an important aspect that need to be considered at different IT disciplines. Generally, both hardware and software tracks …

The Role of Smartphone Applications in Trip Planning and Travel Behavior

By: Shaila Jamal
A smartphone can serve as a entirely functional and efficient computer and with its various dynamic applications, it offers a extensive range of travel supporting solutions. Within a single device, it can facilitate telephone conversation, SMS and texting, email, information browsing, online social …

Insider Threat in an Enterprise

Dr. Fatima Hussain
Behavior Analytics and Insider Threat, RBC Editor, IEEE Newsletter

According to the global database breach level index for cybercrimes 38.8 % incidents are unintentional breaches, followed by 33.62 % incidents intended by insiders and only 5.25 % are with malicious intent. Insider threats are …

Smart Navigation Guide for Visually Impaired People (Smart Cane)

Dr. Ning Zhu, Dr. Ameera Al-Karkhi, Mr. Jaspreet Singh, Miss Samira Parveen, Mr. Harmanpreet Sidhu
Sheridan College/ Faculty of Applied Science and Technology
Each year at Sheridan college/School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology (MEET), over 35 student teams work together in capstone projects to design, build and showcase …

Operationalization of Machine Learning Models in Large Enterprises

Shikhar Kwatra (IBM), Utpal Mangla (IBM)
ML operationalization (ML Ops) involve a cross matrix collaboration of multiple personas involved in the process of model conceptualization to productization. ML Operationalization overlays paradigm of DevOps on Model Lifecycle management process (CRISP-DM).
According to Forrester, “Creating an ML model is …

Engineering Month

Every year in March, the Canadian engineering community celebrates National Engineering Month. It is the largest celebration of engineering excellence. It is to celebrate the diversity of thought and people that make up the engineering profession, and demonstrates that there’s a place for everyone, especially …

Managing 5G Edge Deployments with Closed Loop Automation

Utpal Mangla: VP & Senior Partner; Telco, Media, Entertainment Industry, IBM
Mathews Thomas: Distinguished Engineer; Telco, Media, Entertainment Industry, IBM
5G with edge computing is an emerging area which will revolutionize and transform various industries. The rapidly increasing number of edge nodes, management of sophisticated workloads running …

Machine Learning for Indoor Positioning

Department of Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering, Ryerson University, Toronto
Accurate real time positioning is the key to enable location-based services (LBS). Although the global positioning system (GPS) is widely used for localization in outdoors, the GPS usability is not satisfactory …