The Awards Programme of the IEEE Toronto Section

The primary emphasis of the Toronto Section awards programme is to provide scholarships to students in local post-secondary educational institutions where there is a demonstrated pattern of IEEE activity and an effective
IEEE student branch. Additionally, members and volunteers participate in the awards program of IEEE Canada and IEEE.

IEEE Toronto Section Awards

Scholarship Winners Martin Ffrench, Define Dilbaz, Moustafa Eid, Wei Sheng Yu, Husnal Kaur, Dhanya Francis
IEEE Canada Foundation Award MD Mohaimen Hassan Khan, Sadeed Bari
IEEE Toronto Technology Awards Smart Nora Inc., Aversan Inc.
Toronto Section Volunteer Awards Mengqi Wang, Marjan Alavi, Emanuel Istrate, Mostafa Mahfouz, Filip Boskovic, Alireza Sharif-Bakhtiar
IEEE Canada Award Toronto Section
Chapter Chair of the Year Award Benjamin Mak (Engineering in Medicine and Biology Chapter)
Appreciation of Service Award Ron Chen, Xavier Fernando, Aleksandra Jeremic, Alex Bot
Exemplary Service Award Al Wallis, Bob Hanna
Chapter Chair of the Year Award Sri Krishnan (Signal Processing Chapter)
Appreciation of Service Award Wai Tung  Ng, Visda Vokhshoori
Chapter Chair of the Year Award Ed Lovrek (Engineering and Human Environment Chapter)
Appreciation of Service Award Al Wallis, George Bailak
Chapter Chair of the Year Award Emmanuel Istrate (Circuits and Devices Chapter)
Engineer of the Year Award George Eleftheriades
Recognition with “Chapter Chair Emeritus of the Engineering and Human Environment” Walter Zessner

IEEE Canada Awards

W. S. Read Outstanding Service Award Celia Desmond
W. S. Read Outstanding Service Award Miro G. Forest
Outstanding Engineering Educator Award Dr. Kostas Plataniotis
Friends of the IEEE Award University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
M. B. Broughton Central Canada Merit Award Pelle Westlind

Members and volunteer leaders of the Toronto Section are elegible to be
nominated for various awards and recognitions administered by IEEE
Canada through its Awards and Recognitions Committee. Nominate a worthy candidate

– click here here to view the listing of awards and recipients

– click here to view the various award
descriptions and nomination procedures

IEEE Awards

IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award (Technical Fields award) Dr. George Eleftheriades
Certificate of Appreciation for Section Chair Alagan Anpalagan,

IEEE Toronto
Chair 2006-07

Runner-up for the WIE Affinity Group of the Year Award by IEEE WIE Committee IEEE Toronto WIE Affinity Group

(Chair: Visda Vokhshoori)

IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society: Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award IEEE Toronto Signals and Computational Intelligence Chapter

(Chair: Dr. S. Krishnan)

Certificate of Appreciation for Section Chair Kostas Plataniotis,

IEEE Toronto
Chair 2004-05

IEEE Communications Society: Chapter Achievement Award IEEE Toronto Communications Chapter

(Chair: Dr. A. Anpalagan)

Certificate of Appreciation for Section Chair Bob Hanna,

IEEE Toronto
Chair 2002-03

IEEE Toronto Technology Award

The IEEE Toronto Technology Award is meant to recognize the outstanding technologies developed by private-sector companies in the Greater Toronto Area. Technologies are judged not only on the basis of their degree of technical innovation, but also through their potential for social benefits, such as improved quality of life, reduced waste, reduced inequality, reduced negative environmental impact, job growth, etc.

Learn more about this award and submit nominations here.

Student Awards

The IEEE Toronto Section supports the education and training of undergraduate
engineering students through a series of scholarships. The scholarships are available to
students in the colleges and universities that are affiliated with the IEEE Toronto

Key Dates:

Application Deadline: August 15 th , 2020
Award winners are contacted: Sept, 2020
Award Distribution: IEEE Toronto Annual General Meeting in Nov. 2020 (winners must
attend in person)
The scholarship seeks to encourage students to strive for both academic and real-world
design excellence, and also to encourage students to reflect on the goals and impact of
the engineering profession. The selection criteria emphasize your vision for the
engineering profession, how you are preparing for the technical challenges of the
profession, and also how you perceive the social implications of engineering. Due to low
word-count limit in these questions, you should focus on the aspects that are most
important to you.

Eligible Institutions in for 2020 (based on the good standing of the IEEE Student

– University of Toronto (2 x $2000 scholarships), including the Bruno D. Stefano
– Ryerson University (2 x $2000 scholarships), including the Wallas Khella Scholarship
– York (1 x $1000)
– UOIT (1 X $1000)
– Humber (1x$1000)
– Centennial (1x$1000)
– Seneca (1 x $1000)

More information for the application:

Awards and Recognitions Received by members of the IEEE Toronto Section

  • 2003 – Three IEEE Toronto Scholarships established to recognize
    outstanding volunteer contributions of three members, Bruno Di Stefano,
    Bob Alden, Wallas Khella, shown at the Centennial Banquet
  • 2003 – IEEE Toronto Section Centennial Medals awarded to 32 IEEE
    members to mark the occasion of the 100 year anniversary of the founding
    of the Toronto section – details
  • 2003 – IEEE Canada McNaughton Medal – Tas Venetsanopoulos (announced
    in Montreal in May, presented in Toronto in October 2003 – story [PDF]
  • 2002 – IEEE Canada Outstanding Engineer Award – Ted Sargent
  • 2002 – IEEE Haraden Pratt Outstanding Service Award – Bob Alden
  • 2000 – IEEE Canada Fessenden Medal – David Vice
  • 2000 – IEEE Third Millennium Medals – Bob Alden, Javan Erfanian, Celia
    Desmond, Bruno diStefano, Patrick Gulak, Wallas Khella, Alberto Leon-Garcia,
    Andre Salama, Adel Sedra, Gordon Slemon, Peter Smith, Tas Venetsanopoulos,
    Safwat Zaky
  • 1999 – IEEE Canada Outstanding Service Award – Bob Alden
  • 1999 – IEEE RAB William W. Middleton Distinguished Service Award – Bob Alden
  • 1998 – IEEE Canada Central Canada Council Award – Bruno Di Stefano
  • 1998 – Larry K. Wilson Regional Student Activities Award – Binh Ha, University of Toronto

Awards and Recognitions Received by the IEEE Toronto Section

  • 2005 – Award of Appreciation presented to IEEE Toronto Section by
    Ryerson University for continuing support – photo of award
  • 2004 – Award of Excellence presented to IEEE Toronto Section by
    Centennial College for continuing support – photo of award
  • 2002 – IEEE Section Sustained Membership Growth Award – presented in
    Toronto at the Centennial Banquet October 4, 2003 by IEEE Vice President
    Cleon Anderson – click on image to view larger image (see the centennial
    photos for the formal presentation
  • 2003 – 100 year Anniversary Banner – presented in Montreal at the
    May 2003 Region Meeting – details
  • 2002 – IEEE Outstanding Section Award – presented in Washington at the
    October 2002 Region Meeting – details
  • 2001 – IEEE Sustained Section Membership Growth Award – presented in
    Winnipeg at the May 2002 Region Meeting