On Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 1:30 p.m., Steve Delaney will present “Improving Data Usability for Clinicians and First Responders in a Unified Healthcare System” and Iwona Sokalska will present “Corda Blockchain as a Sustainable Supply Chain for Open Education”.

Day & Time: Thursday, December 10, 2020
1:30 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.

Speakers: Steven Delaney, Iwona Sokalska

Organizer: Ryerson CS Graduate Student Council, IEEE Toronto WIE, IM/RA

Location: Virtual

Contact: Ayda Naserialiabadi


Title: Improving Data Usability for Clinicians and First Responders in a Unified Healthcare System

Cost effective, efficient and exemplary healthcare services is of paramount importance to all Canadians.   Countries around the world are addressing this through the consolidation and integration of siloed patient healthcare records into a unified system.  However, consolidation and advances in technology that generate healthcare data threaten to overload clinicians with information. This makes the usability of healthcare data in terms of speed of access and relevancy that is optimized to the role of the clinician and healthcare scenario, key to the success of the unified healthcare system.   My research objective is to design and demonstrate a solution, that provides clinicians with a superior experience that provides them with the most relevant data for the current needs of the patient in order to determine and apply the best treatment in a timely manner, using Semantic Web and Blockchain technology to support patient privacy and role based access and permission controls.

Title: Corda Blockchain as a Sustainable Supply Chain for Open Education: 

Blockchain solutions are disrupting the established supply chains. The ability to customize the transaction in the “business context” is one of the key reasons why blockchain will play a major role in reinventing the existing rigid supply chains. In this presentation, we are going to look at 

Corda blockchain features that enable powerful supply chains capable of supporting new business models. We are going to build a case of why such a disruption is needed in the publishing industry to support the Open Education and Higher Education Affordability Act. The open education licences require proper attribution of contributors. One of the challenges in open education is that licences can be easily misused by 3-rd party content purveyors. In addition, content creators often do not know where and how their content is being used. It is impossible for content creators to measure the impact of their works or to prevent licence misuse. Universities, professors, retail bookstores, libraries and 3rd party higher education platforms constitute a complex ecosystem. In this ecosystem, real barriers are causing scaling issues. The issues include content findability, compliance, licence misuse, licence rigidity and proliferation of licence types and lack of interoperability for licences. The presentation will outline a Corda based supply chain and Information Retrieval to addresses these issues. Providing a decentralized platform for independent players in a system to reduce the complexity of transacting. Mainly by using smart contracts to manage licence agreement workflows. Scalability, data privacy and data traceability are key considerations in the Corda blockchain which can be leveraged to support a sustainable business model and healthy ecosystems.

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Steve Delaney

Steve is a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Ryerson University working on the data quality of healthcare records.  He has an MBA from York University and an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto.  He obtained his ICD.D certification from the Institute of Corporate Directors/Rotman School of Business.  He is currently on the Board of the CIO Association of Canada and is a member of several Advisory Councils.  Steve is the Co-Founder of Capital Blockchain, a Canadian firm that develops blockchain solutions for the private and public sector.  Previously Steve was the CIO of the Ontario Telemedicine Network, CIO of MCAP ( $100B mortgage firm) and VP Technology at RBC and BCE.

Email: steven.delaney@ryerson.ca

Iwona Sokalska

Iwona Sokalska is a 2nd-year Computer Science PhD student at Ryerson University. Iwona’s interests are in the automation of knowledge dissemination and knowledge extraction. Under the supervision of Professor Andriy Miranskyy, Iwona is developing techniques for semantic code analysis using Artificial Intelligence, specifically Graph Neural Networks. Iwona is a co-founder of OpenSail, a distributed platform for licenced content dissemination. With over 10 years of experience, Iwona has designed products and services in Medical Imaging, Medical Informatics and Enterprise Knowledge Management Systems. Iwona holds an Honours B.Sc. double major in Computer Science and Mathematics from York University and an M.Sc. Data Science and Analytics from Ryerson University. Her mission is to improve the support of Open Education Community and increase adoption of Open Education Resources in institutions around the world.