Dear Volunteers and Supporters of IEEE Toronto,

Thank you for attending our 2019 AGM on Saturday (we had a record attendance!). Thanks to Darin Graham for his inspiring talk on the Toronto AI ecosystem and the opportunities for Canada.

Congratulations to all of our award winners:

Scholarship Winners (special thanks to Wadi for coordinating this major effort):
– Martin Ffrench
– Define Dilbaz
– Moustafa Eid
– Wei Sheng Yu
– Husnal Kaur
– Dhanya Francis

IEEE Canada Foundation Awards
– MD Mohaimen Hassan Khan
– Sadeed Bari

IEEE Toronto Technology Awards (special thanks to the Industry Awards Committee):
– Smart Nora Inc.
– Aversan Inc.

Toronto Section Volunteer Awards:
– Mengqi Wang
– Marjan Alavi
– Emanuel Istrate
– Mostafa Mahfouz
– Filip Boskovic
– Alireza Sharif-Bakhtiar

IEEE Canada Award (thanks to ALL IEEE Toronto volunteers who made this possible, and to Celia Desmond for representing IEEE Canada):
– Toronto Section.

Congratulations to our newly elected Officers:

– Ali Nabavi (Chair)
– Maryam Davoudpour (Vice-Chair)
– Dustin Dunwell (Secretary)
– Alireza Sadiatan (Treasurer)

They will carry the torch and bring us to new heights in the coming years. Sincere thanks to Tom and Emanuel for coordinating the elections.