IEEE Toronto

Dear Colleagues, Members of IEEE – Toronto Section:

As you may know, the IEEE – Toronto section membership elects the Section’s officers every Two Years according to the IEEE Nomination and Election process. This year 2019 is an Election Year.

The IEEE Toronto Section’s Executive Committee have approved the forming of the 2019 Nominations Committee as follows:

  1. Dr. Tom Murad – Past Chair of Toronto Section ( Email: )
  2. Dr. Emanuel Istrate – Previous Past Chair of Toronto Section ( Email: )
  3. Dr. Bruno Di Stefano – Previous Past Chair of Toronto Section ( Email: )

We would like to officially start the nomination process on June 6 2019 and will continue to accept nominations until July 12th ( E.B.D. – End of Business Day ).

This is an official invitation to all of you who would like to contribute to the leadership of our Section and feel that you can contribute and represent the vision and Mission of IEEE in Toronto, Canada and Globally.

We encourage you to Nominate Yourself for the election process to fill the following positions as Officers of the IEEE Toronto Section, and Leading members of the Section’s Executive committee. The Officers positions to be elected for are:

  1. Chair.
  2. Vice Chair.
  3. Secretary.
  4. Treasurer.

At this stage, you can nominate yourself to one or more of these positions. There is no requirement for endorsement from any other members for nomination. Previous Volunteering / Officer Experience with IEEE or any other engineering or professional association is not mandatory but is a definite preference for sustainable leadership of the section’s activities and operations.

You can nominate yourself, by completing the nomination form using this link.

If you have any questions, concerns, or require any further details about the positions and/or the process, you can contact any member of the nomination committee listed above.

You will be notified after July 12th 2019, about the next steps of the election process.

The final results of the election will be announced at the IEEE- Toronto Section AGM in Fall 2019.



Dr. Tom Murad , P.Eng.

IEEE Toronto Past Chair –

2019 Nominations Committee Chair